Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wreath Making Classes

Silk flower front door wreath $49.00

 I'm about ready for spring!  This hasn't been a bad winter compared to last winter when we got buried in snow. We've had some warmer days also, but regardless, by the beginning of February, we want longer days, warm sunshine, and visits to the beach. We are tired of our heavy winter coats, scarves, and gloves.  Spring can't come soon enough!  I have started to work on my spring wreaths in my etsy shop. You can check out my Etsy shop at my Angels and Everlastings Etsy shop.  I'd also like to introduce my wreath making classes.  This wreath sells for $49.00 plus postage in my Etsy shop. Would you like to create your own beautiful spring wreath at a fraction of the cost?  If you are in the Boston, Massachusetts area and are interested in hosting a wreath making night, I will bring everything needed.  I will carefully select flowers in coordinating colors and shapes so that you can create a beautiful piece that you will be proud to display on you front door.  The cost is $20.00 per person - 5 person minimum.   I can do home craft nights, women's groups, church fellowships, or senior center activities.  E-mail me at judyrussi@gmail.com if you are interested.  References are available upon request. 

The key to making a harmonious design is in picking the right elements, color and a variety of shapes that coordinate well. 
Large focal flower

For a pleasing wreath design you need a focal point - either a ribbon bow or a few (1 to 3) large flowers.  This wreath has a pretty purple plaid ribbon as the focal point. 

Ashland Bunches from Michael's

Smaller detail flowers
Long shaped silk flowers
I used a spring bush by Ashland for the medium sized accent flowers.   The bunch I chose was a nice combination of pink, purple and greenish yellow flowers. Michael's craft stores have these great bunches that include plenty of coordinating flowers and greenery. 

I chose to add a bright yellow flower in a more elongated shape along with a few smaller lavender flowers to brighten and add detail. 

Tall and thin shaped eucalyptus and silk grass

You should also include some  long and thin shaped pieces.  This will add some length to your design and create a eye pleasing design.   Any long thin greenery, or long thin silk flowers work well.  Along with the long silk leaves that came with the bunches, I used a long thin fuzzy purple silk flower and eucaluptus to add length and structure.

Fill in any holes or spaces between the flowers with any leaves from your silk flowers and bunches and you are done. 


  1. That is a great idea for a ladies group. What a great value for that price per person and there is all of the time spent in fellowship. I hope this catches on for you.

  2. It would be so fun to take your wreath making class!! There is something peaceful about working with florals.

  3. This is a beautiful post. Lovely photos!

  4. Judy, I love the photos. They look great. And I think $20 for a 'night out' and something to take home seems great! I hope it takes off for you!

  5. Judy, this is an awesome idea, I wish I coud take this class.♥

    Ever planning on doing an online class?....LOL

  6. Wow so interesting...
    I hope you do very well!

  7. so pretty! and I LOOOOVE this idea! I would totally host a craft night if you were closer! what a fun way to meet new folks and give them a chance to get together and hang out with their friends. awesome!

  8. Really great information. You are a good teacher.


  9. I have always loved your wreaths. Unfortunately I live a bit too far away to come to a class! (New Zealand!)

  10. I LOVE making wreaths so would definitely have a girls night to make wreaths if I lived closer to you! I live in New York and the weather has been so unpredictable that it has me longing for spring....just got a gift card to Michaels and I was thinking I will get some wreath supplies for a new spring wreath.....

  11. Beautiful!! I would love to get into making wreaths again...thanks for the tips!

  12. Lovely work! I wish I could...but I'm in Florida. :( Enjoy the classes!

  13. How pretty! I don't live around Baltimore, but you make me with I did (just a little:))!

  14. What a fun idea! I would love to learn how to make my own wreaths for the holidays.

  15. Have supplies - will travel. (great idea)