Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Highlights from 2011 sales

I thought I would review my sales from 2011 as I prepare for new things in 2012.  I'm wondering if I should repeat any of my items that sold.  I suppose I should but I find that I don't have interest in repeating something.  Very often my pieces as one of a kind. Here are some of my favorite creations that sold from my Angelsneverlastings Etsy shop in 2011.

In January I sold this dried flower wall topiary. I had two and both were sold to the same person.

This dried topiary was flat backed and hung flat against a wall.  This unique grapevine base was carefully decorated with soft green tone emerald king and accented with velvety pink celosa, soft pink globe amaranth, burgundy nigella, and soft white larkspur.

Here's another unique wreath that sold in March.
A heart shaped twig wreath beautifully decorated with white shells, soft green emerald king, fragrant lavender, pink celosa and white larkspur. This wreath measured approximately 20" across. It was so soft looking and much more beautiful than the picture showed.

One of my mini-wreaths sold in April.
Dried flowers and sea shells decorated a 6" grapevine.  These are perfect if you have a small spot to fill.

This grapevine wall hanging sold in June.  This was a  beautiful grapevine twig background with a handmade cloth angel. The angel was accented with silver king, deep blue larkspur, velvety pink celosa, pink globe amaranth, and fragrant eucalyptus.  Here was the feedback from the customer:
"Love this! It is perfect for what I had in mind. And it arrived in very good shape - good packaging on a fragile item. Thank you. Highly recommended seller"

In October this beautiful dried flower gathering was sold:

A dried flower mix of fragrant lavender, velvety pink celosia, white larkspur and globe amaranth beautifully decorate a bow shaped twig base.

Feedback from customer:  "Very beautiful and fragrant display. Nicely packaged for shipment."

 This unique angel shaped grapevine decorated with mixed dried florals sold in November. 
Customer feedback:  "Super quick shipping - so cute!"

Here is one of my seashell photo frames that sold in December.  This 4" by 6" photo frame is decorated with assorted seashells and sea glass


And lastly, this Christmas wreath sold in December. 

Customer feedback:  "JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! Very fast delivery! Packaged very well."

So here I am looking for inspiration and ideas.   What should I do in 2012?  Should I continue my dried flowers?  Should I do more silks?  Photo frames? Angels?  More holiday wreaths?  I would appreciate any comments or ideas you might have.  I'll be here but I'm taking a few months off to recharge and renew my creative energies.  In March I should have some new creations to list in my etsy store. 


  1. I don't like making the smae thing over and over again either. Must change it up someway. My suggestion would be: keep a small spiral notebook with you at all times. Put inspirations in it as they fly by your brain. Visit places where you might get inspiration (house tours, even model homes - they're usually decorated splendidly, look at decorating magazines even if it's at the library) and fill up that litle book..........

  2. That's a great idea for a blog post. It's neat to think of all the beautiful creations you have in other people's homes.
    You could make something similar to what sells, but not exactly the same. The thought of making something exactly the same is not appealing to me either.
    Could you repost those same listings but have them as 'made to order' and make them in the colours, etc. that the customer would choose? That way you wouldn't have to store as many things. You could focus on new wreaths instead.

  3. I hear you on not repeating creations! I get a bit bored creating the same thing all the time too, although sometimes it's good to do a "limited edition" range for popular creatons or list them as a "made to order" item.

    I really like your heart-shaped dried flower wreaths, they would be great for many occasions.

  4. Such beautiful items. Love the topiary. One day I'll settle down in one place and be able to have something like that.

  5. They all were so lovely! I am sure whatever you make will be beautiful!

  6. I'm not sure what you should make - they are all so pretty.

  7. All so pretty! You should definitely do a heart in time for Valentine's. I love that heart. I didn't realize it was so large! I understand how you feel about repeating pieces though because I hate to paint the same thing twice...unless I am trying to improve it in some way. You'll think of something I'm sure of it!

  8. Thanks everyone -- that's a good idea about a special order listing. I think I will do that with a spring wreath listing.
    Good idea Rita - about keeping a notebook handy for inspiration.

  9. They are all stunning, I think you should do what is in your heart to do. Let God show you what to create next. Blessings Niki xx

  10. Lovely work! I was thinking you might want to add more frames to your creative list, and use the dried flowers on the frames as well. A way to try a new idea while still having your other items for people to order. Either way~ have fun creating!

  11. First, thanks for visiting and joining at brvan. Secondly, your creations are AWESOME! I'm glad I checked out this site!

    1. I found my way to brvan while promoting my husbands blog @ http://restoreandencourage.blogspot.com/
      Thank you - I need to create some new spring stuff soon.