Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn in New England

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Ecclesiastes 3:1
There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

Fall Autumn Wreath available at Angels n Everlastings on Etsy

Here in New England, we are fully embracing Autumn.   Leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground.  Nature speaks to us about change and life.  There is beauty to be seen even in dying.
 Nothing is more beautiful here in New England than the colors that cover the countryside and many visit the area just to experience the autumn colors of New England. 
 Here is a beautiful photo taken in New Hampshire.  This print is available for purchase from LynScottPhotography.  In just a few months the trees will be barren but right now the church is a beautiful sight - nestled between the trees in full autumn splendor.  It is also the time for pumpkins and apple picking.  We don't look forward to what is to come when the leaves and the color is gone but we savor for as long as possible the beautiful fall scenery around us.  These two beautiful photos below are available at TravelingGalPhotos on Etsy.
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bathroom Makeover - Take 2

I finally decided on a paint color for my bathroom.  It took about 4 different samples and lots of searches on the computer before I made the final choice.  I started a Pinterest board called "decorating my bathroom" to pin all my ideas in one spot.  I've included here a  few before photos - you can visit  my blog post "My Bathroom Makeover - The Before for more before photos.

I went with the Sherwin Williams Tidewater although I had it mixed at Benjamin Moore.  Instead of using white for the ceiling - I saw a suggestion on-line - to use a lighter shade that coordinated with the wall color so I used the pale blue called glimmer on the same paint sample card as the Tidewater.


The beach print on the wall here is from a Etsy seller called Kelly Bermudez.  Here is the photo from her Etsy listing and the link to her nautical beach section on Etsy

Check out her shop for this and other reasonably priced reproductions of her original artwork.
I love her art work and I was blessed to have won this piece in a giveaway she hosted some time ago.   I just recently got the frame for it at Home Goods but I still plan to take it to Michael's to have them add a turquoise matting.

I had purchased a shower curtain which you can see in the before blog post but it was a somewhat busier print.  When I bought my towels I found this shower curtain which I just had to have.
I purchased both of these at home goods.

I need to come up with some ideas for these two walls -- I saw some interesting rectangular mirrors for the long wall at Home Goods which would look nice and I'd like to also find or make some kind of shelf - to put seashell or driftwood on. 

Whether you love or hate what I've done, I'd love to hear from you - please share your ideas for finishing touches.  I plan to paint the brown cabinets also but can't decide what color to do them or how to do it so I'm all ears for suggestions.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Walking Revere Beach

A few times a week I try to hit Revere Beach to get a morning walk in before I get ready and off to work.  I am fortunate to live within a 5 minute drive to the ocean.  There is always something or someone interesting to see.  Recently Hollywood was filming scenes for the Johnny Depp movie "Black Mass" about Boston's most notorious gangster "Whitey Bulger"on Revere Beach.  I was told this was a murder scene.  Here are some photos I took.

This La Linterna beach restaurant is really the Pizza Kitchen in Revere.  I wish I had a before photo.  It's amazing what they have done to it.

They transformed Revere Beach into Miami Beach complete with cabanas and palm trees. I didn't get to see any of the actual filming but it was fascinating to see all the work and prep that went into it.  Here is a link I found to a u-tube video of the day of filming:

Here's the link to the with a bit more about the filming.
The old cars that were brought in on the day of filming.

A few photos of Johnny Depp at  They did a great job of making him up to look just like Whitey Bulger.

And here is the back to Revere Beach without the palm trees or cabanas.

The Revere Beach Sandcastle Festival started this weekend.  I took some photos this morning but that will have to wait till another post.  Here is a link to the Revere Journal Twitter which has photos as the event unfolds.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Bathroom Makeover - The Before:

For years I have had this outdated metallic finish wallpaper in my bathroom.  Somehow I was never really motivated to do anything about it even though I wasn't fond of it.

Not only did I not like it but as you can see this one piece above was applied upside down.  For years no-one noticed -- till one day my daughter who was about two and being potty trained asked why the fish were upside down.

Recently, something moved me to tear it down.  Maybe it was that one corner that seemed to be lifting.

So now the wallpaper is gone but the walls need work before painting. The adhesive needs to be stripped and rough spots need repairing. I bought some spackling and there it sits in my kitchen waiting for me to get to work while here I sit at my computer looking and looking and looking at more and more pictures and ideas.  Did I say this was going to take a while?

 The hard part seems to be picking out the right colors to paint the walls and cabinets.  You can see I purchased a new shower curtain to help with colors.  Of course, if you are familiar with my Etsy shop -- you know I am interested in a beach theme.  I've been looking on line -- and looking and looking.  I had fun visiting and Pinterest for ideas. Do you know there is an endless supply of ideas and colors on the internet?  That can be a bad thing.   I found lots of great bathroom photos and pinned them to my "decorating my bathroom" pinterest board.   I tried the Sherwin Williams on-line site and after trying to narrow down my choice I went and purchased a sample of Drizzle SW 6479 - Blue Paint Color - Sherwin-Williams   I determined the color was too dark and planned to pick up one of the lighter shades.  It's Possible Tidewater SW 6477 would be a better choice.

Sherwin Williams Paint Choices

Then just as I thought I had decided, I saw some colors I liked on line at Benjamin Moore Paints.  Maybe I should visit the BM store (or maybe not).  If you are looking for painting ideas - both the Benjamin Moore and the Sherwin Williams sites have lots of pictures and helpful tools to help you choose from their colors.  Pinterest has lots of ideas too.   Just be careful - there are so many choices that it's overwhelming, also when I got to the store I realized some colors that I thought would go -- were really too green toned.
As you can see my tile is a almond/lt peachy tone.  I wish there was money to replace tile but that's not going to happen.  Not sure if I should go with a white, canvas or tan  for the cabinets. 

I hope I haven't bored you with all my bathroom design decisions.  Of course, please share with me any ideas or suggestions for colors or paints.  I need all the help I can get. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Post Valentine's Day Giveaway

There were 26 entries -- I used and the winning number was 7 which makes YOLANDA (SILVERCLOUD7) the winning entry -- She chose the first heart wreath here with the eucalyptus and seashells.  Congrats to Yolanda and thank you everyone for your entries.  Check back as I may have another giveaway soon.

I promised to do another giveaway in February -- and here it is.

I will let the winner choose one from these three heart wreaths in my shop provided they don't sell in the meanwhile. I suppose if they all sell -(don't expect that to happen) - I'll have to come up with an alternative offer. 
Heart twig wreath
This one above is one of my favorites -- seashells and eucalyptus on a rustic twig wreath frame.

beach themed heart wreath

This one above is pretty too.  Seashells and green moss frame this twig heart frame.

grapevine with green moss and seashells

And the final one here has seashells and sea glass and green moss along a grapevine heart wreath.  It's focal point has dried roses and a ribbon bow.

If you are interested in more info about these heart wreaths check out my Etsy shop here.  My links are about if you wish to follow my facebook -- twitter or pinterest.

OPEN TO US/CANADA ONLY - To enter do the following 3 things -- DO ALL THREE FOR ONE ENTRY.

1.  Follow this blog if you haven't already.

2. Visit my Etsy shop and heart a favorite listing.

3.  Leave a comment here with your e-mail address for me to contact you if you win.

That's it -- Easy no?  (I hate complicated giveaways.)

Entries close at midnight on 2/28.   A winner will be chosen some time that weekend.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, New Direction and a Giveaway


It's been a while.  I guess I have been busy elsewhere.  It's 2014!  What does this new year hold.  New years are great because it's a time to clear the slate and start anew.  We look back at our year, make adjustments for the future and then we should forget about our mistakes and failings and look ahead with great hope and resolve for the year ahead.  This year I plan to put my Etsy shop on the back burner and focus on my walk with the Lord and how I can be a blessing to others.

Psalm 19:14
The scripture art above is from Google Graphics on Etsy

This is a new thing for me --not that the Lord hasn't been in my life but as for the past 4 years my shop has absorbed much of my spare time and energy.  I feel the Lord is now requiring more of me.  Should I resent that?  I think not.  I might if I continue with my shop and don't have the time for it.   I don't want my shop to be competing for the limited time that I have for what the Lord would have me doing.

Printable Scripture
The above printable scripture is from Amen Printables on Etsy

  Let's face it -- my time is limited.   I work a part time job outside the home, attend church 2 nights a week along with Sunday morning and night.    Something has to go.   Looking back over 2013, I feel that my time has been compromised and at times, I have been called to other things when I wanted to be working on my items for my shop.  It has been a tug of war for my time.
Proverbs 3:5-6
Bible verse art above by Branch and Vine Prints on Etsy

Here is my 3 point focus for 2014:

1. Spend quality time with the Lord each day.

2. Focus on helping others -- by expanding and leading our church food and clothing ministry.
I have been involved with this ministry but I am realizing that it needs much more time. 

3. Diversify my blog -- making my posts not so single-minded.  Post about other things that are important to me like my family, and what the Lord is doing in my life.

Will I return at some point to focus on my Angels-n-Everlastings Etsy shop?  Who knows.
For now I am tired and unmotivated and I am bored with everything in my shop.

So, I think I will give it away - at least some of it.  Here is a good listing to start with:
Beach Seashell Wreath
So lets see, I won't make you jump through hoops to enter.  If you are interested you can find my links at top of page.  OPEN TO US/CANADA ONLY To enter just do 2 things-everyone will get one entry.

1.  Follow this blog if you haven't already.

2. Leave a comment.  Tell me what you plan on focusing on in 2014.

Entries close at midnight on 1/17.   A winner will be chosen some time that weekend. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Giveaway - Win this Seashell Topiary at

 I've been talking about doing a giveaway for quite some time so if you have been wondering when I would get around to it -- here it is.

I decided to team up with other handmade artist at and offer my seashell topiary.  There are some great things offered - jewelry -- fashion accessories -- home decor -- all handmade.    So if you would like to win this unique seashell wall hanging along with the other handmade offerings -- enter here or at   Here is the link to the giveaway: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway