Friday, January 6, 2012

Post Christmas and New Years Thoughts

Christmas and New Years is over.  This is always a time to reflect on our past and also look ahead to the new year.  My Etsy shop, Angels n Everlastings turned two.  In those two years I have learned a lot but not nearly enough.  I need to step up my photography along with my on-line social marketing skills in the new year.  This year, my favorite Etsy team, The CASTteam hosted a secret Santa exchange.  If you are a Christian, and are looking for a Etsy team I highly recommend this team.  Each person who wished to participate was given a shop owner to send a secret santa gift to.
My secret Santa gift came from Becky of Good Neighbors Candle.  In Becky's shop is an incredible selection of soy based candles in all sorts of yummy fragrances.  Her business is really taking off - click here and take a moment and see what she has to offer in her shop - you'll be glad you did.

Here is the photo of my SS gift.  A beautiful hand crochet scarf in just the right colors for me of blue green.  A stuffed snowman and a much loved balsam scented candle from her shop. 

Here is one of my Christmas angel tree-top upon my Christmas tree.  This is a second as the dye from the red bleed onto the white.  Of course, I get to enjoy this one as my own. 

A favorite ornament.
This winter I am taking a break, to recharge my batteries and renew my creative energy.  I will take some time to reflect on what has and hasn't worked.  In the spring, I will have some new creations to list in my Etsy shop.  Till then I hope to blog here and there and hope for no SNOW!


  1. What a very nice post.
    You do very nice work. I love the wreath that I have of yours. Beautiful!!


  2. You were my secret santa, Judy, so I got to benefit from your beautiful creativity. I hope you and your family enjoy a year filled with His blessings.