Friday, February 3, 2012

Shop Feature - The Other Stacey Jewelry Designs on Etsy

Sun and moon shrink plastic necklace
This feature is about a fairly new shop on Etsy.  They had been making jewelry as a hobby for quite some time but decided to open their Etsy shop in October of 2011.  They did their first craft show shortly after.  The jewelry creations in The Other Stacy Shop on Etsy are designed by two best friends from Memphis.  Stacey Purdy, and Stacy Green. Yes both are named Stacy.  They met while working together and became fast friends.  While working together they found that they were constantly saying no that's "the other Stacy", hence the name of their shop became "The Other Stacy".
Custom made photo on shrink plastic

They prefer to reclaim and recycle found items and to combine unusual materials with hand drawn artwork to make unusual designs.  They like the idea of recycling items that would otherwise be thrown away and making something fun and beautiful out of it 
Shrink plastic black heart

I was fascinated by the jewelry made by Stacy P. out of shrink plastic. I was unfamiliar with shrink plastic so I asked Stacy P about the process: "The idea for the shrink plastics came from a website we saw where the lady was making shrink plastic buttons with drawn designs on them. I absolutely love to draw so I thought I would give it a shot. Once I have a design in mind, I will draw it on the plastic usually in ink and then color it in in colored pencil. Once it's colored, the fun happens. If you have never played with Shrinky Dinks, I highly recommend it. You put the design in the oven at 350 and wait for it to curl up into this wad of plastic. Then it magically unfolds and lays flat. Watching it happen never gets old. After that, the pendants get a coating of clear gloss to protect the finish and get put onto their necklaces."
Red paper bead earrings

In their shop they also have beautiful paper bead jewelry created by Stacy G.  Stacy's rolls everyone of the paper beads by hand. She cuts each piece of paper into strips and then rolls them around a skewer style bamboo stick. Then each bead gets a protective finish so they are somewhat resistant to water.
Pink paper bead dangles

Check out The Other Stacy Etsy Shop and check back often as they are working on new designs daily. You will find crochet jewelry and hair accessories, aluminum foil beads and soon they hope to add handmade purses and even some stained glass. Here are the other links for Stacy and Stacy:


  1. What a wonderful review. Thank you so much.

  2. Love the paper bead earrings! Love to see upcycling!!