Friday, October 8, 2010


Giveaways are an interesting way that some  promote their on-line business and get views and links to their business page or web site.  Most people are suspicious of anyone who offers to give them something for nothing especially on the internet.  I was always one of those people.  I've come upon a number of giveaways since opening my Etsy store a year ago and for the most part I pass them by.   I don't know why exactly, I just don't feel moved to participate.  Maybe the item being offered although valuable, just doesn't interest me.   Maybe it's because I don't remember ever winning anything.   But when I  happened upon a giveaway for a web page design by Mary of SEO Web Design. I went for it.   I do ok for myself but my computer skills are really limited so this giveaway was something that really interested me.  I remember saying wouldn't it be great if I won this web page set-up. Usually, to enter these giveaways, they ask that you post a comment on their blog or web page or promote their business page on facebook.  That's something anyone can do.   I made my obligatory comment post which entered me in the giveaway,  prayed about it and never gave it another thought.   I didn't even remember I had entered until Mary sent me the notification that I was the chosen winner.  
I have yet to offer a give-away.  I know that Facebook restricts you from hosting giveaways through your facebook business page so maybe when my new web page is up and running I'll promote it by offering a giveaway.  But I have a lot to learn.  For instance, I know some use to randomly choose the winner but don't know how that works.

Here is a giveaway that I found thought my facebook friends (ends Oct 10)

The next giveaway is by Sue of MySavior etsy shop  She hosts back to back giveaways for people who want her to do them.  Her current giveaway on her web page is a beautiful piece of jewelry by CK SILVER on Etsy

The following giveaways I found in the Etsy forums searching by giveaways:

I'd love to hear from some of you who have successfully hosted giveaways and how you did them.  If you'd like to post a link to a current giveaway please do so.