Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Local Shellin!

Photo Frame with Seashells and Sea Glass
The best part of creating wall hangings and seashell embellished photo frames is that it gives me an excuse to be at the beach collecting seashells. 

I've been spending some time on Friday mornings -- hitting the local beaches to collect shells.  Here is a landmark on Revere Beach - Kelly's Roast Beef.  It's a great place to get fried clams, lobster rolls and fish.  I stopped there for a breakfast sandwich and coffee before hunting for shells. 

Here's the sun shining over Revere Beach one morning. 

Well, this is what you have to choose from on Revere Beach.  Not a lot of interesting stuff but if you look closely you can find some gems.

Of course, these seagulls are permanent residents along Revere Beach.  Lot's of them hang out by Kelly's and feast on not only what washes up with the tide but also what people will share of their Kelly's dinners.  You really need to be careful because if you leave your food unguarded -- they will come and steal it. 

 These seagulls prefer fresh over fried seafood.

 Here are some of the seashells I collected this week.  Some of them are just bits of broken seashells that some would pass by.  I love these though because even though they are broken -- they are tossed and their rough edges are all smoothed out. Each one is unique.

Visit my Etsy shop here to see where I have used some of these collected seashells to the embellished photo frames and other nautical themed wreaths and wall hangings. 
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  1. Very interesting. I like collecting shells at the beach when I am on holidays. I bring them home and keep them in my potplants.

  2. How nice for you to be nearby a beach and then to use your treasures so creatively!

  3. I would love to live at the beach, but it is way too crowded, and I like my space. I love my mountains too, so where I live is perfect...about 5 hours to the outerbanks, and 2 hours to the blue ridge parkway!

  4. You have a nice collection. I love collecting shells.

  5. Shells have always held a fascination for me. We lived in NYC so we went out to the Island(Jones Beach)and I brought home the large clam shells to paint on. I would love to live near a beach.


  6. Your beach is a much better resource than the ones close to here. I love how you use your beach finds in your picture frames. What a beautiful place to find your supplies!!

  7. As you know, I adore the beach and finding shells. Many, many of them are usually broken, but sometimes I'm fortunate and able to find some really good ones :) My little kids get annoyed with me because I'm carefully studying the ground and they want to go on the playground!