Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New at Angels n Everlastings

Wall Hanging Beach House Decor Topiary
Here is a new listing in my Angels n Everlastings Etsy shop.  It is a topiary that hangs flat against the wall. Fragrant eucalyptus and lavender are added to the seashells to create a rustic nautical home decoration. A few little bits of sea glass finish the piece.  If you like beach home decor, this is perfect for you. This nautical themed topiary measures aprox. 20" tall by 7" wide.  

Coastal Decor Grapevine Wreath

I also have some wreaths decorated with seashells and green moss.  A 6" grapevine is decorated with seashells, and sea glass. Fill a small bare spot with this nautical piece for a soft touch. Sometimes little things can add a lot of character to your decor. 

Nautical Heart Wreath with Green Moss and Seashells

 Here is a heart shaped wreath with assorted seashells and sea glass on a bed of green moss. This heart wreath measures approximately 18" across.  If you love the beach and coastal living this wreath is for you

Beach House Mirror

Here is a decorative mirror, embellished with seashells and sea glass.  

Ocean Theme Photo Frame

Some shells used in my photo frames or wreaths were collected on local east coast beaches. The sea glass is all natural and was collected by Lorrie of Wits End Design from the No. California coast. Visit her shop here: The frame can hang or stand -- horizontal or vertically. 

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  1. yes, the mirror is my favorite one as well!!:) I aso like the topiary . .just beautiful!:)

  2. The heart wreath is splendid! It's always fun to look at your new items in beach decor.

  3. Sweet new listings!
    If you ever need any Eucalyptus just come on over..

  4. I'm in love with beach themed decor. It brings back beautiful memories....

  5. Judy your beach themed items are beautiful-a little bit of God's natural wonders indoors inside!

  6. Hi Judy,
    I hope you will consider following on Etsy too. Do drop in say hello and look forward to your 10% discount as a new customer.

    Here is my Diva's blog post for your enjoyment, when taking a break from your studio.