Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Janeen T.of JT Web Marketing on Etsy

I was approached recently by Janeen T.of JT Web Marketing with an offer to edit some of my pictures in exchange for a blog post about her shop and services.
Press release writing for your Etsy shop

She is an internet enthusiast with over ten years of web experience who just recently opened her Etsy shop. Having quality photos in your Etsy shop is so important so I was thrilled with the offer and anxious to see what she could do to improve my photos.  I send her 5 of my product photos and she edited and lightened up the backgrounds in each.  Here are some of the before and after photos.

Edited photo
My original photo
 Janeen offers various services in her JT Web Marketing Etsy shop.  Besides photo editing, her other services include Banner and Logo Designs, Website and Blog Header Designs, Product Description Writing, Video Advertisement Creation, Press Release Writing and Submission, and Article Writing.  I don't know about you but I know I could use help with all of those.  Click here to view her listing for photo editing. 
Original photo
Edited by Janeen
  Here is my Christmas wreath   You can see in my photo that there are shadows that distract from the photo quality. 

Edited by JT Web Marketing
Original photo
 Here is my grapevine wreath decorated with pink and purple silk flowers accented with fragrant eucalyptus.  The products really stand out with the whitened background.                                                                                                                                                              Check out my seashell photo frame or my hanging wall basket with pink silk flowers in my Etsy shop for other photos edited by Janeen of JT Web Marketing.  

For those who have facebook, visit and like Janeen's JT Web Marketing facebook page.

So, if your photos are a bit dark or have shadows or if your photo backgrounds are not right, consider having them edited by JT Web Marketing. 


  1. It must be wonderful to be so techno-savvy that you're able to do all that. That's a very salable skill today.

  2. Excellent knowledge to have, so important today!

  3. WOW....I could so use her! thanks for the intro, I'm off to check her shop.

  4. Very nice! A brighter white background DOES make a difference!

  5. Awesome post on Janeen . . .your photos look amazing! :)

  6. Nice white backgrounds. The edits are definitely obvious!

  7. That editing really makes your wreaths stand out more.