Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Morning on Revere Beach

 One morning recently, I spent a bit of time at our local beach. 
It's not the most scenic beachfront but none the less, it is nice to visit first thing in the morning to walk and collect some seashells. 

These are the pictures I took that morning.

Seashell Heart Wreath

It was a bit of a cloudy somewhat overcast morning with the sun peeking through.  

Photo Frame with Seashells and Sea glass

Many of the shells that I use in my wreaths and photo frames are collected right here on Revere Beach

The week before was the yearly sand sculpting festival.  Usually the creations last for weeks but we had just had a major thunder lighting hail storm the day before so some of the creations were destroyed but here are some that were still standing. 

 Look at the incredible detail on this one.

This one was a tribute to Fenway Park, where the Boston Red Sox play and also honored the festival sponsors.

I hope you enjoyed the visit to Revere Beach,  in my hometown, and the oldest public beach.


  1. I would love a beach nearby. The sand sculptures are so fun and awesome.


  2. We were able to visit the beach through your great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It is so amazing how they sculpt sand!! If I put that much work into something I want it to last much longer. Thank you for sharing your walk on the beach.

  4. Amazing sculptures! I've seen a show about either this festival or something similar and it is incredible how intricate and beautiful these creations are. Seashells are not something we find on our beaches here in Oregon - not whole anyway. You do a beautiful job with them on your wreaths and pictures frames, Judy!!

  5. The sculptures are so beautiful! I can't believe that people can do such creative things with sand. I have seen this on t.v., but never in person.

  6. I appreciate this post. I love the beach. And the fact that you actually use shells that you gather here for your artwork is so awesome.

  7. Thanks for sharing your beach. I recently went to the one near me and it was all green muck...not pretty! I love that you can find shells to create with nearby.

  8. oh wow!! your pictures at the beginning were amazing . .so beautiful!! And the sand castles . . WOW!!! I am in awe of people that can do such intricate sand sculptures . . . How wonderful that you are so close. I miss being by the ocean.