Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shop Feature - Zudagay on Etsy

Handmade Floral Polymer Clay Beads and Jewelry 

by Zudagay on Etsy

Citrus Flower Pendant

Beautiful Flower Pendant

Here is a shop that has been selling on ETSY since 2007.  Zuda of Zudagay on Etsy creates these fabulously detailed floral creations using polymer clay. 

She has been working with clay of different kinds for most of her life and has been working primarily with polymer clays for about 15 years or so.

Red Flower Pendant

In 2007 her husband lost his job so Zuda, having known about Etsy since it started, decided the time was right for her to use her creative gifts and opened her shop.  Her first year was a great success and exceeded all expectations.  Her detailed floral designs continue to be very popular and sell well.  

I asked Zuda to explain a bit about Polymer clay and what she does:

"I primarily use Premo! polymer clay for my work. I like it for its workability and strength. To begin with the clay needs to be conditioned to get it soft and workable and to make sure all the plasticizers are dispersed throughout the clay. In most of my work I use a technique called Mille Fiori cane work which originated in glass work, and also in candy. This is where a design is created which runs the length of a cane or rod of clay. I slice the cane and then manipulate or sculpt each slice into a petal then attach each petal to a base of clay to create a flower."

Orange Dahlia Ring


I have shown only a few of the beautiful flower creations in her shop.  Take a few minutes and visit Zudagay on Etsy to see her other creations.  



Here are her other links:

Twitter: twitter.com/#!/ZudaGay
Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/zudagay/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/ZudaGay-Etsy-Shop/52262256268
Pinterest: pinterest.com/zudagay/
Blog: www.clayinthehands.blogspot.com

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  1. Oh her shop is so LOVELY!!!
    Her work is detailed and beautiful!

  2. Such beautiful work! The best I can do with polymer clay is roll it into a ball, and maaaaybe make an animal shape.

    These flowers are all so beautiful and detailed. Makes it sound hard in the description. Great work!

    -Jennifer from

  3. Judy, thank you so much for the feature!! I appreciate it so much! :)

  4. Amazing artwork and detail! What a beautiful gift she has!

  5. Aww what a lovely feature, it was interesting to know more about your process Zuda. Thanks for sharing both of you. Blessings Niki x

  6. Zuda, I didn't realize that you made your flowers from canes. I have some experience with that from when I was younger. I would do all the rolling and my friend who was artistic would put together the beautiful designs. But you do it all ;)

    Judy, thanks for featuring Zuda:)

  7. Amazing! I love the ring especially.

  8. ZudaGay's shop was one of my first favorites on Etsy. :) Great feature!

  9. I have a few beautiful items from Zuda. She does gorgeous work.


  10. Great items and fantastic photography!


  11. Gorgeous! I especially love the Citrus Flower Pendant!!

  12. Wow! Stunning work. Those flowers are just amazing.

  13. Beautiful creations and how cool that they look real. :)