Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where were you five years ago?

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What did your life look like five years ago?  Do you remember anything specific about the summer/fall of  2006?
Maybe it was just another year in your life -- not too different than any others.  I remember 2006 very clearly.
2006 was not a good year for me.  In June, at a routine doctors appointment, they suggested I have a mammogram to check out a suspicious spot that the doctor found.  By August, I was facing surgery, chemo and radiation and trying to get my daughter prepared for her first year of high school. There was no quick fix -- It would be months of being totally consumed with treatment, and months before I could put it behind me.  I managed to maintain my daily work schedule although, by 7pm I would be in bed.  There was no cooking dinner, helping with homework or any of the other routine daily responsibilities.  I can't even remember how laundry got done.  Every day we were doing fast food or take out of some sort.  My daughter had all sorts of stomach problems that year and I felt like we were in the midst of one of those Mcdonald's fast food studies. Eat fast food for 30 days and see how you feel!   I remember after it was all over being thrilled to be able to have energy to cook dinner again.  By the time my 5 week daily radiation treatments were over I felt like a mouse in a wheel.  Go to work, daily treatment, home, eat, bed - wake up do it all again for 5 weeks.
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I am fortunate to live close to one of the top medical facilities in the country.  The Mass General Hospital's Avon Breast Cancer Center is a 20 minute drive from my home.  People come to Mass General Hospital  from all over to seek treatments for all sorts of medical problems. I stopped complaining about my daily drive to the radiation clinic when I saw others who traveled 2 hours each way every day for treatment. You realize, as your treatment progresses, that they have made great strides and progress with treatment options and continue to make progress every year.  Breast cancer caught early enough is not the death sentence it once was.
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Money is what makes this progress possible. The American Cancer Society, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer fundraiser is this weekend in Boston, on October 2.  I have a friend who is raising money and attending the walk.  If you would like to contribute and help to continue this progress in the hope that our daughters will see an end to Breast Cancer - here is the link to her page.

Boston Tickled Pink Team
So here I am - I've hit the five year point, where supposedly the odds are with you that there will not be a recurrence.  I refuse to live in fear as I trust God for my future. Not that the thoughts don't come from time to time but with His help, I got through this and my faith is stronger that I will get through anything.


  1. Praise God for early detection and the progress made in fighting Cancer. Thank you for bringing it to our attention by telling your story.

  2. I'm so thankful that you are healthy again and that is all behind you. Breast cancer runs in my family so I'm always concerned about it.

  3. so so so glad that you got diagnosed early. thank you for sharing this today. celebrating 5 years with you

  4. Praise the Lord that you are at the five year point! Reminds me of an old Kathy Troccoli song. "My life is in Your hands, my heart is in your keeping, I'm never without love, not when my future is with You."

  5. Judy - I was there in 1996 and then again in 1999, not quite making it to the 5 year mark. God was with me the entire way even though I was more than a cranky pants at that time. Having had a bi-lateral mastectomy in 1999 - God has brought me to 2011. I am putting all of myself in His hands.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


  6. happy 5 years of being cancer free!! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad I have met you on CAST :-)

  7. Rejoicing with you, also, for your 5 years of being cancer free! Thank you Jesus!

  8. Thanks, Judy, for following & visiting my blog. I am now your newest follower. You are truly inspiring, & I wish you much good luck in your future.