Sunday, September 8, 2013

Castteam Themed Treasury Event Winners

The Castteam on Etsy had their first themed treasury event this month. The theme for September was Autumn or Fall. There were many good treasuries that were posted in the event thread. You can view them here if you'd like.  The first one I will share was the one with the most views called The Color of Autumn. It had 182 views this morning and 100 admirers.  

Green Earrings light Aventurine by JunrylGems
This one was created by JunrylGems on Etsy. Tess of Junrylgems designs unique and one of a kind jewelry. Here is one of her earring listings: Visit her JunrylGems Etsy shop
to see her other one of a kind jewelry listings. 

The second one I will share is the Castteam leaders choice. There were so many great fall treasuries that it was really difficult to choose just one. The one we chose was titled Sights and Sounds of September made by Dianna Wood of The Woods Secret Garden on Etsy.

Hand Painted Jacket By Dianna Wood
Dianna uses her art to decorate shoes, leather jackets, boots, vests and handbags with Christian themes. Here is just one of her unusual listings.  You should visit her shop to see her other creative art. It is a real treat.
Her other links -


  1. Both lovely treasuries and so nice to see them shared here on your blog Judy :-)

  2. Great Blog Post! Thanks for coordinating this treasury event and for taking the time to write this post. I will help spread the word. There are so many great shops that would be blessed by additional exposure!

    Rejoicing with you In Jesus - The Center and Reason for our Joy!

  3. Beauty and talent abounds in both collections of this gorgeous
    Blog. I have long been a fan of Diana Woods art. I hope one day to own one of her creations :)

  4. Looking quite professional - did you generate the treasury pics from craftcult?

    1. Yes, Rita it took me a while to remember that you do it with Craftcult. I was trying to post that way to facebook though and I couldn't seem to do it from craftcult.

  5. I always admire those that create these lovely Treasurys...their themes and content. I also admire those that can use things like craftcult to display! Nice post promoting the teammates!