Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dried Roses Part II

Here are the photos of the dried roses that I hung to dry a few weeks ago.  Click here for my first post about how to dry roses.  Here are the photos once dried:
They dried really well and as you can see the pink color went from a pale pink to a more vibrant deep pink.
 I used some of these dried roses for the heart wreath DIY guest blog post at Savvy Deets Bridal.  Click on the link to check out my grapevine heart wreath tutorial and find all sorts of bridal inspiration at Savvy Deets Bridal.  Here's a picture of the wreath and the link to my Angels n Everlastings Etsy Shop:
Beach Theme Heart Wreath
Here is another wreath that I just finished with these roses - It hasn't even been listed in my Etsy shop yet:

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  1. Roses are so perfect to dry and allow you to keep your memories of receiving them! I love them in wreaths!

  2. I love drying roses and lavender, too. They look so pretty together.

  3. Lovely! The eucalyptus and roses go so well together.

  4. They are really beautiful Judy, you have a real talent for making these. Blessings Niki x