Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Beach Photos

I have been trying to spend as many mornings at our local beach as possible this spring and summer.

I try to take a few photos each morning and was really anxious to share them but my computer died recently so I was unable to post them. I finally took my computer to be looked at and it was determined that it was not worth fixing.  
This week I purchased a ASUS Laptop which I really like.  It is really difficult to live without a computer these days. 

One thing about the beach is that it is new every morning.  The tide is different -- the sun is in a different spot.  What washes up on the beach is slightly different too. 

  You never know what you will see.   These seagulls were having their breakfast and were rather annoyed with my presence.

 The colors are different depending on whether the sun is shining or if it is grey and overcast. 
 These photos were taken at Revere Beach which is just north of Boston.  It is a 5 minute drive from my house. 

 I try to collect seashells or sea glass each time I am there which I use in my Angels n Everlastings Etsy shop.   I use these finds in my beach theme wreaths, photo frames and wall hangings.  Sometimes it's nice to find a perfect seashell but I also like to find a seashell that has been tossed and broken and polished.  It makes it a unique find. 


 I have some other photos taken at Rockport, Ma. which I will post next time. 



  1. I love the beach...but I love the mountains too. So I guess I live in a good place, 2 hours from the Blue Ridge Mountains and 5 hours from the Outer Banks. :0)
    those are beautiful pictures.

  2. We just spent two days at the beach on the West coast. Will post some pictures next week! Loved your finds at the beach!