Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Special orders don't upset us on Etsy

Heart twig wreath

A great feature about shopping on Etsy is being able to communicate directly with the shop owner -- the creator, the artist.  Many shop owners on Etsy, welcome requests for special orders.  If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, it is an online marketplace where you can buy unique handmade and vintage items directly from independent sellers from all around the world.  Check it out here.  As you can see their are all sorts of categories with oodles of choices.  If you like handmade or one of a kind products you will love checking out these unique listings.

Recently I received a request for one of my photo frames but the customer wanted something a bit different.  She contacted me and told me what she liked about my photo frames but then told me what she wanted.
Here was her request - she referred to this listing:

Photo frame embellished with seashells & sea glass

"Do you do custom orders? Kind of looking for something a bit more simple, I think.... preferably a 3x5 photo size (but 4x5 would be okay too. It is for a horizontal photo... and I was just thinking some pieces of pale aqua sea glass, maybe on the bottom corner... and if that is too plain, possibly a couple of tiny shells sprinkled in. Maybe a few pieces in the top (opposite) corner.... but only a few."

This is what I put together:
 So, if you see something that interests you in my Etsy shop, contact me and I'll see if I can do something special for you.  If I put something together and it's not right, there is no obligation.  If you decide the finished product is not right -- I'll list it in my shop for sale.  In my shop I offer front door wreaths, silk and dried flower wall hangings and seashell decor.
Spring front door wreath

 Here are a few listings I found on Etsy offering "special orders":
Handmade modern crochet accessories by Loopdeedoo

Special order handebar bag by Savvysacs


  1. The custom frame worked really well - its lovely!

  2. I am always a little scared when someone requests a custom order, that I won't get it right, but so far so good. The challenge is always fun! Love your sea glass frame...I am sure the customer is happy with your interpretation of what she wanted!

    1. I am always nervous too that's why I always give the take it or leave it option. As long as it's not personalized, it can always be listed for sale. I hope she is happy -- it's going in the mail today!

  3. that turned out really cute. sometimes less is more. :)

  4. That custom order is beautiful Judy! Yes I love doing custom orders. Blessings Niki x

  5. The custom order turned out great! I especially like the color of the sea glass.

  6. What a beautiful custom order!!! I love it!

  7. I love what you did with the custom order!

  8. It really is so much better when we can do a custom order.


  9. I love how you worked it exactly as she asked :) So beautiful!

  10. I love your wreaths and shell frames! Thanks for visitin my blog.

  11. Judy, thank you for writing this! I have finally moved out of my comfort zone into special orders. A few days ago I just finshed my second and the customer has already asked for two more:) I love what you did to the custom order!! The sea glass. . .sooo beautiful!!

  12. It is a great idea to offer custom orders. I was so excited today to get two different custom requests in one day!

    Lots of fun for the crafty shop owner as well as for the customer.

  13. What a wonderful shopping experience a custom order is - where the buyer is the designer.

  14. Thanks for sharing the process of making a custom order.