Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming soon - CASTteam Promo Thread

Faith Cross Pendant by CROSSyourHeart on Etsy
One of the best decisions I have made since starting My ETSY shop was to join the CAST team  (Christian Artists Street Team)  It's a great place to meet and share with other like minded Christians.  The threads are always full of love and support.  If you are in need of prayer you can post your request and instantly other members will pray.  For many of the members, business is secondary to ministering to one another.  But we would like to promote our businesses too so the CAST Etsy team is going to host a weekly promo thread!  With well over 1000 members, I think that a thread dedicated to promoting our shops on ETSY could be a great success.
Peace Garland by JJspeakman on Esty


Would you like to get noticed and produce more traffic to your shop? Then plan to join with us by visiting the thread, posting your item on the list and then promoting at least the three previous post on the list.  I would recommend that you use a social media site like Facebook or Twitter.  These are good sources since Facebook has 500 million users and Twitter has 140 million users.  Another idea is to use a bookmarking site like Stumbleupon or Kaboodle.   These sites allow you to bookmark and share your favorite sites from around the web.  I plan to devote more time to support and promote others' shops at the beginning.  I hope others will too.   I know that many of us are busy with family and other responsibilities so we don't want anyone to feel overwhelmed. Even if everyone just does a little, it will go a long way.
If you have any promo questions or suggestions for the thread, kindly leave a comment.  ALSO IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE SENT A REMINDER MESSAGE WHEN THE THREAD IS OPENED LEAVE A COMMENT HERE. (leave your e-mail or etsy shop address)


  1. I would like to participate, if you'll have me.

  2. I am getting excited about this. Please remind me! I know you will♥

    Thanks for this.

  3. I will be heading over to the thread and signing up.
    I think it sounds like a wonderful idea.

  4. Hi Judi, this seems like an excellent idea, I am very keen to join in.... as a newbie its lovely to see the community that exists within the CAST team, and the more we can all do to assist each other's business the better!

    Also I am highly honored that you used my Faith Cross pendant on your blog - I was so excited when I followed the link and saw it! Thank you!!! <3

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  6. we would love to be on the thread. Please send a reminder.
    Blessings, Micki

  7. Count me in, dear heart. I think I need a reminder though...(smile)

  8. Wonderful... I too will need a reminder!
    Thanks so much for doing this, Karen