Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Planning a giveaway

Wall Topiary in shades of pink and silver
I am planning to have my first giveaway. I have been thinking about this to celebrate and promote my web page which was launched recently.   My first problem though is that I can't decide what to offer in my giveaway.  I want to offer something that is from my best work.  Here are pictures of a few of my items which I could offer for my giveaway.  I do believe when you give something you should give your best not just something you can't seem to sell and have had too long.  I could offer one of these pieces or even offer a choice.  If you have a moment kindly visit my Etsy shop at Angels n Everlastings and tell me what you would like to receive if you were to win my giveaway.  If you have hosted a successful giveaway -- I would love to hear about your experience.  I would appreciate any comments or advice.


  1. I've never done a giveaway, it will be interesting to watch yours. I looked at your shop and thought this would be a lovely giveaway gift:

    Grapevine with Scallop Shell and Dried Flowers


  2. I've never done a giveaway. I wish you the best of luck with it and can't wait to see how everything turns out. I love all your wreaths.

  3. Angels, I love your shop! Beautiful!
    I think I like this one the most

  4. I haven't done a give away. Depending on when you're going to do it, I bet anyone would love one of your heart wreaths. They are beautiful.

  5. I was thinking a heart wreath would be good too!

  6. One of the wreaths would be great. Good luck with your giveaway!

  7. Any of the heart wreaths would be good. Also, I suggest you have someone else host it.

  8. Beautiful items you've shown here. Good luck on your giveaway.

  9. this is lovely!

    but i don't know if you'd want to give away something in a higher price range. :-)

    Good luck!

  10. Sounds very exciting! The key to a good giveaway is to have a prize that everyone wants,so that they will help spread the word for you. Promote, promote, promote it!!
    good luck.

  11. I have been planning a giveaway too, but haven't decided what to do. I love all of your beautiful everlastings...especially the wreath...and the pink and silver wall piece. Hope your giveaway goes well. I will be happy to promote it on my blog. Just let me know when! xo Vicki

  12. Judy - maybe you can giveaway something that would be custom made for that person. Colors of their choice, etc.
    You have to make sure that the giveaway is out there. Post it in the Forum(make sure it stays in the forefront. Put it on FB. Put the link in our CAST thread and remind everyone once a day about it also posting the link once a day.
    Tell how you plan on choosing your winner from the comments people leave.

    Have fun!