Monday, December 27, 2010

Planning for the new year!

Well, I'm going to pick four things to focus on, improve or change in the new year. 

1.  Photography skills - .  I plan on taking a basic course so that I know how to use my camera more effectively.  I received a tripod for Christmas so I hope that, along with becoming more familiar with my camera will help me take better pictures.

2.  I want to learn more about the internet tools I have.  This past year much time was spent working on my etsy shop shop and starting my Artfire shop, starting a Facebook fan page, twitterblog and just recently my webpage.  I joined teams and made connections but don't know that I was very effective in using those internet tools and connections once they were made.   I need to reevaluate the teams I have joined and the connections I have made to be able to keep those I think will be more effective with less time.  I want to blog more and leave comments regularly on other blogs.   I want to spend less time on the internet promoting but I want that time to be more effective.  I will try to avoid sitting at the computer for hours.

3. I need to make some local connections -- Develop some opportunities for teaching wreath making and other craft classes. 

4. Last but certainly not least -- I need to get organized both personally and for my business. Those of us who work from our home -- need to be able to organize our workspace around our living space and vice versa.
I envy those for which organizational skills come naturally.  For me,  I struggle in that area.  Right now my storage space is in need of a major redo.  I also need to organize my personal space and create space to store some of my business supplies, like boxes and stock which are now occupying and cluttering various corners of my living space.

Well, I planned on making three goals but ended up with four.  How about you?  What are your plans for the new year?  Now let me go read some blogs and post some comments..........


  1. Great goals! I am sure you will achieve them, especially if you are actively involved in the Promotional Frenzy thread.

  2. Those are great goals. I also struggle with organization and have things everywhere. I wish you the best of luck

  3. I need to add a few of your goals to my list, especially about the photos and internet tools.

  4. I like that you focus in on specific, attainable goals! An organized workspace ... now why didn't I think of that?

    I'm following you now :-)


  5. You have very reasonable goals, so you could get it easy!!! I wish you that all your goals get true in 2011

  6. Those are great goals. It looks like you are on your way to becoming more organized, because I think you are quite organized in how you've set up and described your goals! Good luck with everything in 2011.

  7. Wow - these are some great goals. I really appreciate your attention to detail as well. GOOD JOB! Good luck to you in 2011.

  8. Those are great goals and I agree with all of them. Good luck on achieving them!

  9. You have beautiful pieces there! WOW! Stopping by from
    Take care,

  10. Great goals Judy.

    Mine is to minimize my stuff and organize. Hmmmmm! LOL!


  11. Great goals! Good luck!
    Happy 2011 :)

  12. I really find minimizing to be difficult.
    How hard it is to throw or give things away.